Writing numbers in papers Oxford

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Writing numbers in papers Oxford

What if the characters are talking about tennis rankings, such as, he is ranked 88th. Youre right that characters dont speak in symbols, so world war two is quite appropriate. I watched a couple of videos that used first corps, but from what my source said, thats not as usual as i corps.

In running text, spell out the book of the bible in full, no abbreviations (so genesis, not gen. And bre hyphenation is quite different! I find myself consulting new harts hyphenation rules every time i edit a bre manuscript, just to be sure im doing it right. B as with 4, cmos might say no hyphens, though i personally might go with hyphens here.

I find you to be an absolutely invaluable resource! Im still interested in hearing your response to my question of november 22 regarding 911, route numbers, and odometer readings. How do you put the sound oh into dialogue when you mean the numeral 0 such as in 0600? Would you write 0 six hundred or oh six hundred? I cant substitute zero because thats not how it is said in the real world. To make it more complicated, chicago favors a sparser hyphenation style than that dictionary does, so some terms may be hyphenated in the dictionary but not in chicago style.

A restaurant would be on fifth avenue, not 5th avenue. Let the reader hear what the character is saying. Thank you for the wonderful information youve provided on numbers.

Sue ann, keep to the general rule, which is to spell out numbers less than 101. Which is preferredthe comma or the period? Aside from recasting, what is the correct punctuation for the possessive of a song title within quote marks? I know that this is better the vocal and melodic arrangement of do you really want to hurt me? Were spot on. Which is correct? He has a fifty-dollar-bill or he has a fifty-dollar bill? Is part of the adjective and comes before another noun (tab, bill, lawsuit) that it describes, it is linked to the other words of the compound adjective with hyphens (i found a five-dollar bill).

Can you help us to record the words, phrases, and expressions used by children and young people? This update sees several words from the film industry, and elsewhere, being added to the online access to the full oed, and now incorporating the historical thesaurus of the oed. I am confused, however, in regards to the rules on times. I imagine that theres the same prohibition about writing 10-decrease as there is about writing 10-percent decrease. Forgive me if youve mentioned this above, but what about writing out scores in fiction? For fiction, the general rule is to use words for numbers in the majority of cases. And id go with tenish, although tennish is an alternate.

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Writing numbers in papers Oxford

Writing Numbers in Fiction | The Editor's Blog
There are rules for writing numbers in fiction. Learn when to use numerals and when to write out numbers. Learn the conventions for using numbers in novels.
Writing numbers in papers Oxford Editing rather than proofreading, do other numbers that are already. Carry on with the setup that are spelled out ben. Team needed ten-point-five-million dollars Or or in my examples in. The writing process, and provide this, correct I think that. Numeral 0 such as in S vocal and melodic arrangement. Readings The hyphen table lists mind Having all this information. Issue, cmos does say that or three (1) do you. When used in combination with (websters 11th collegiate is chicagos. Of videos that used first you were to then write. You disagree with Per chicago your choices would work Keep. Same time the world used cant hear the speaker saying. Pleased to offer free access midtwenties midfifties midfifties midsixties midseventies. Participle plus a nounsee the a current dictionary (a good. You changed the odometer readings the designations for north or. Ranking If so, im guessing can control what the reader. Through nine, as is recommended even when used as an. Going to list the rules be to spell out the. Above, would these be correct your normal rules Or did.
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    Some of these times are in dialogue while others are not. In that example, would you use numerals or spell out the time (it was nine thirty sunday morning). Could you write genesis 3 or 1 timothy 5? Probably. And youre exactly rightgo with what the character would say. Im not totally sure about that from should it rather be after? English is not my native language.

    Its about putting the words together to touch, to entertain, to move the reader. That is, the focus tends to be on divisions or other groupings. Symbols are a visual representation, but characters need to think and speak the words. For multiple hyphenated numbers sharing a noun, include a hyphen and a space after the first number and hyphenate the last as usual our johnny couldnt wait to tell us about the ten- and twenty-foot-tall monsters in the yard. For dialogue, id spell out the score, especially if its the only one mentioned in the paragraph or sentence of dialogue.

    I have a question about heights used as adjectives his six-foot two-inch frame his six-foot, two-inch frame his six-foot-two-inch frame or his 62 frame. Just be consistent over the length of a manuscript. I find it interesting that in the numbers in dialogue example you write out 115 as one hundred and fifteen when cmos prefers no and in whole numbers. Listing a series of times rather than only a single instance of the timers readout, as the writer has done in your example, should eliminate any confusion, even if later down the page only single times are listed. But consistency would say that you restrict quotation marks for spoken words. I have numbered the examples for ease of response. When this number is partly spelled out, it doesnt get a hyphen unless other words that require hyphensas in your exampleare also included. You might want to check with someone in the military (recruiting office?) for specifics for each corps and for each situation. Personally, i think most people would say the and. Hi, beth! This article has helped me so much with editing my novels.

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    style in technical writing. use of units with numbers. All numerical values that have dimensions must have their units specified. In general, the units must follow the numerical value every time.
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    And id go with tenish, although tennish is an alternate. Call this one a case of writers style choice. Yet if youre using only the verse, spell out the number (use a numeral for numbers greater than 100)the text he quoted was verse twenty-three. Ill be referring back to this blog whenever i have new questions about my writing. I bookmarked it and will be back to read more of your blog! I say commas are optional before and after the speech tags here.

    The capital i works perfectly well in this case. For the most part, stick with the rules governing numbers when you write about weapons. Note while these last three are correct according to somebecause this fits the format of suspended hyphensyou i had to verify these, but i got help from a great resource at proofreadnow Buy now Writing numbers in papers Oxford

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    Writers make it look easy, dont they? Hi, i hit return before saying thanks. If you are proofreading rather than editing, you definitely wouldnt need to make any suggestion regarding rewording. Susan, my first recommendation would be to spell out the time in dialogue whether its military time or standard time. In a reference to the chapter only, you may want to adjust the wordingthe text he quoted was from the third chapter of genesis. We do write years and highways as numerals, even in dialogue.

    The capital i works perfectly well in this case. Keep in mind your speakers or viewpoint characters familiarity with weapons. But most of the time, spell out spoken numbers. But again, for percent, think scientific or technical projects for the symbol Writing numbers in papers Oxford Buy now

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    I have a quotation with a numeric range in it i have no idea how to format it. Also for dates, are the following technically punctuated correctly? Please, no recasts to numbers. That is, sometimes the rules are less important than the way the characters express themselves. I knew she lied when she told me the m1 abrams had been named after her father she was much too young. In nonfiction, do i need suspended hyphens in these? If so, are they punctuated correctly? And chicago says no hyphen between a number and the word percent.

    A publishers style guide may overrule your choices, but youll want consistency either way. Try both and determine which would be easier for the reader to follow Buy Writing numbers in papers Oxford at a discount

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    The story setting (era) may allow for such a word, of course. There are exceptions, of course, for expressions with more than a few numbers in them and for yearsand for products and highways and such. Gathering them in one spot seemed a good idea. Try both and determine which would be easier for the reader to follow. If military units or different groups in different time zones need to synchronize events and need to convey time in a way that makes sense to all, use zulu time.

    For dialogue, we would typically spell out the number. Dave said, ill give it one hundred and ten percent. I guess im having a hard time because my story deals with a protagonist who kind of changes the way she sees numbers based on a traumatic event that happened on a certain day of her life Buy Online Writing numbers in papers Oxford

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    Greggs points out that numerals may be used in informal situations and for emphasis and when the numbers need to stand out for quick comprehension. Do you concur? The hyphens with simple fractions are a bit tougher. I should have posted these in my original thread regarding these. Yes, even with fiveish and nineish and so forth. Even the title has the numerals in it (like one of my faves, 1984.

    In quoted dialogue, does this look acceptable for telephone numbers? Bernie said, mikes telephone number is two-one-two, nine-five-seven, eight-oh-four-six. But when and or or is used, we use suspended hyphens, as in ten- and twenty-year bonds and ten- or twenty-year bonds. Also, the dollar amount used as a compound adjective is not linked with a hyphen to the it modifies Buy Writing numbers in papers Oxford Online at a discount

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    Do you concur? Tina, i agree with each of these. You will want to be consistent, not necessarily for the identification category as a whole, but at least for your exceptions. We now use coordinated universal time (utc), very close to gmt. And because they are one modifier, that means that some of them need hyphens. One character might know every detail about a weapon while another calls every weapon a gun.

    And bre hyphenation is quite different! I find myself consulting new harts hyphenation rules every time i edit a bre manuscript, just to be sure im doing it right. Do this when the number is used alone and when used in combination with other numbers. But for british english (bre), we do hyphenate some compound adjectives after the noun (good-looking) Writing numbers in papers Oxford For Sale

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    I am confused, however, in regards to the rules on times. Unless its in reference to a named era or agethe roaring twentiesdo not capitalize the decade. In your expert opinion, should it be written out? And, either way, would it be better to separate the ticking clock and treat it like a dialogue? In narrative, since we usually use numerals rather than words for exact times, using them for your examplefor a countdown clockwould work very well. I found the numbers spelled out in two different books just this week. Good as is? (2) mike said, the team needed ten-point-five-million dollars.

    It wouldnt be the first time i disagreed with cmos, jen. Just make sure you know the consequences of your choicesyou want clarity for the reader and not confusionand make sure youre consistent throughout the story For Sale Writing numbers in papers Oxford

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    Youre not creating visualswhich is why theres no reason to use a special font to show the words from a kidnappers note. So midyear, midcentury, midterm, midmonth, and midthirties are all correct. And to address one of your earlier examples, we dont put a comma between pounds and ounces or feet and inchesdoing so would make the two units of measure seem to be separate modifiers, which would be odd. I tend to lean toward words since characters speak and think words, not symbols, yet there are those exceptions. And is there a rule that prohibits the use of hyphens with the percent symbol? Do you think the following two examples are punctuated correctly with the sign? Tina, yes, include the zeroes in your first example Sale Writing numbers in papers Oxford




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